Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Attack of Hearts

Not only am I a Shopaholic; I’m also a Polishaholic. 
If you remember from the blog post “All That Glitters” published July 30, 2011, I am quite smitten by OPI; especially their themed lines. This past summer, OPI introduced their Minnie Mouse collection in shades of red and hot pink.  The color that caught my attention was a sheer pink with glitter and hearts called Ain’t Nothin Mousie About It.  I wanted this color and had to have it, but fate played a cruel trick on me: I couldn’t find it.
I eventually stumbled on Nicole by OPI which had the exact color called Love Your Life:

I really liked the color but it’s rather sheer.  My nail technician used another sheer Essie color underneath to bring out the pinkish tint.  Unfortunately, the hearts are hard to get out of the bottle, but trust me, the end product is super cute and worth the effort.

You can purchase Nicole by OPI from their website or from Sephora, Walmart, or Target.  The polish typically runs $6.50 per bottle.

Happy Shopping – The Plus Size Shopaholic, Muah!   

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friendly Stripes

If you recall from the post “Animal Instinct” (published September 30, 2011).  I discussed the many "DON'Ts" plus size women are faced with when selecting clothing.  There are many prints, colors, and patterns that plus size women have been advised to beware. One of those being horizontal stripes because they make you appear wider.  For years, I steer clear of the dreaded body widening horizontal stripe, until I found a wonderful striped sweater from Lane Bryant two winters ago.  I initially purchased the sweater in orange and white.  I LVoed it so much that I went back and purchased the same sweater in black and white.
Fast forward to this spring/summer, I found a cute stripped cotton dolman top from Old Navy.  I initially purchased it in the green and white and recently purchased it in navy blue and white, which is currently on sale for $14.99. 

This top is perfect for warm and semi-cool weather as it can be worn with either a camisole or long sleeve tee shirt underneath.  Again, this top is currently on sale at Old Navy for $14.99 and comes in sizes 1x-4x.

This dress showed up on my Facebook newsfeed one day as an advertisement for Fushia Love, a plus size retailer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I’m not too familiar with the store and haven’t purchased anything from it.  I may have to make a pit stop there when I land in Fort Lauderdale next month.  I found this pink and white stripped dress to be adorable and cute for the summer.  You can purchase it directly from for $38.00.  It comes in sizes 1x-3x.

I was thumbing through the pages of O Magazine and came across this cute little stripped canvas clutch by Sharp Hill Designs.  I thought it would fit perfectly with this posts in case any of my readers are scared of horizontal stripes but not  afraid to accessorize with it.  This clutch is currently only available in red and white for $58.00 and can be purchased directly from Sharp Hill Designs at
With that said, don’t be afraid of horizontal stripes.  They don’t bite.
Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beachy Keen!

The summer season is now under way, and with summer comes vacations, and with vacations comes beach trips, and with beach trips comes bathing suits. 

*Disclaimer:  I saw this swimsuit in an ad for a French plus size site.  Unfortunately, it gave no details on what retailer carries this suit.  I would  LVoe to have it.

Earlier this summer I took a quick trip to the western coast of Florida and hung out on the Gulf of Mexico.  It was magnificent.  The sand was white and the water was sparkling blue.  As I was planning the trip, I knew there would be an official "beach day".  I realized that I needed to invest in some new swimwear since I hadn’t bought a new swimsuit in YEARS.  So of course I started my pursuit of buying the perfect swimsuit.
I ended up going with this simple black ruched-bandeau swimsuit from Old Navy.

I was quite happy with this suit which can be worn with or without the straps.  Although it does come with molded cups, I found that this suit didn’t offer my DDs the support I desired. If you’re smaller in the bust, it will work better for you.  This suit can be purchased on for $50.00-52.00 (price depends on color) and is offer in orange, black, purple, and teal in sizes ranging from 1x-4x.

In a month, I plan to return to the Gulf of Mexico for another getaway and this is the next suit I will be wearing on the lvoely Bradenton Beach:

This suit is bright, colorful, and the animal prints make it funky.  This halter suit is currently on sale for $52.50 and can also be purchased from  It is currently only available in sizes 2x-4x.
Surfs up! 
Happy Shopping, ~The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All White Everything!

I have a confession to make.  This post was supposed to be published around Memorial Day since it officially marked the unofficial beginning of summer 2012, but as you can tell from my lack of posts, I have neglected the blog.  I have been super busy and haven’t had the time.  Sorry fans, I promise to get it together.

With the summer months comes the bright colors and bold prints, but more importantly all things white.  I typically shy away from white clothing because I’m a messy eater and white is often a dirt magnet.

Now don’t  get me wrong, I’m not totally against the color white.  I mean, who doesn’t like a crisp white button-down?

Now take for instance this knitted sweater below from Old Navy :

I purchased this sweater back in March and have worn it at least four/five times since its purchase.  It’s cool, it’s stylish, and it’s white.  It’s one of my favorite spring/summer pieces this year.  Unfortunately, it has been sold out since April, but hopefully, you were lucky enough to snag one when I posted it on the Facebook page for the blog.  (Look to your right and click the “Like” button if you haven't done so already)

The following two pieces can be purchased from Fashion to Figure either in store or online at

This cotton  jumpsuit is sold in sizes 1x-3x for $36.00.  

Also, this one sleeve/off the shoulder mini dress is also available in size 1x-3x for $36.00.  

***Note that Fashion To Figure sizing is from 12-26***

Now that you have a suggestion for a few white pieces, watch the spillage, dirt, and grime while wearing them. 

Happy Shopping  & Happy Summer ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blockings Full of Color

I think I’ve previously established that I like things with loads of color. I LVoe the POP of it.

With the recent popularity of the color blocking trend, it’s like a crayola box has exploded - colorful things are everywhere. Another trend I’ve noticed is the one of geometric blocks and patterns with multiple colors.  Below are a few pieces that have tickled my fancy:

This Colorblock Peplum Tube Top would be a great addition to any summer wardrobe and paired with a black bottom would certainly make an outfit definitely POP.  Buy it directly from in sizes 1-3x for the reasonable price of $28.00.

Another piece to add to your summer wardrobe is this Colorblock Batwing Blouse from Australian Plus Size Retailer City Chic:

Offered in sized M/18 - XXL/24 for $54.00 (Australian Dollars) at or if you’re in Australia (shoutout to my Australian followers) at a boutique near you.

Lastly, this Colorblock Knit Top REALLY caught my eye, but unfortunately, it’s not in my size.  *sadface*

From online Plus Size Retailer Majesty’s Closet, this Knit Top retails for  $24.99 and is currently available in sizes L/XL from

Happy Shopping! ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lets be real.  In the world of iPhones and Androids, the Blackberry can’t compete.  From its poor picture quality to its lack of compatibility with most applications, many customers have jumped ship and moved on to bigger and better smartphone horizons.  But not me…..

I’m what you call a nonconformist.  Also, I’m not tech-savvy or into techy gadgets, so my Blackberry is fine with me.  It accepts/makes calls, it allows me to text,  I can Twitter, Facebook, internet surf, and check email; therefore, the Blackberry is fine with me, and since my LVoe affair isn’t ending any time soon, I decided to upgrade my Blackberry with a little bling.

Introducing my new Blingberry (Blackberry case) by Jewelry By Tiffany

I LVoe it!  It’s blingy and the embellishments are BIG and GAUDY, making my phone extra noticeable. 

To bling out your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone, contact Jewelry By Tiffany at  Prices vary depending on phone. 

Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Feathered Up!

We all know that fashion is an ever evolving beast, but does it evolve and revolve on a 360 degree axis?  The reason I say this is because we never see the true end of a trend.  Fashions of yesteryear, long gone and forgotten, always reemerge years later. 

The latest fashion comeback emerged last year and although waning is still lingering around - FEATHERS.  I’ve seen them adorn everything from clothes to bags to jewelry.  I’ve picked up a few feathered pieces along the way and below are two of my recent favorites that I’ll be rocking into summer. 

I picked up this colorful feather and spiked necklace for $16.00 from PnkElephant.  I’ve only worn it once because I bought it in the winter but it will be one of my staple pieces this summer.  I figure it will go well with tops that have a low neckline.  

Unfortunately, this piece is sold out but check out PnkElephant for other great accessories.  

*(Check the sidebar for “Where A Shopaholic Gets Her Fix” for a direct link to PnkElephant's website)

I was looking for a pair of cheap black ballet flats at Target to tide me over until I made my splash in the Tory Burch pond when I came across these:

These faux suede thong sandal has a once inch heel (a/k/a flat) and has beaded and feathered detailing.  I haven’t been able to wear them yet because the weather has not quite broken for me to wear open toe shoes, but considering the faux leather cushioned sole, I can’t imagine any discomfort from these sandals.  

This Shoe Kill was made at Target for the small price of $19.99.  Find them at your nearest Target store or online at

Although, I'm not sure how much longer the feather trend will be around, but with these two pieces, I plan to have fun with it while it last. 

Happy Shopping ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~Muah!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sheckys’ Girls Night Out

So a few nights ago, I attended the Sheckys’ Girls Night Out (SGNO) event that was held in Washington, D.C.  For those of you not familiar with SGNO, it’s a shopping event held in various cities across the U.S., typically coinciding with the Fall and Spring shopping seasons.   The event is held at a large venue, where independent vendors come out to sell their products which can range from clothes, jewelry, accessories, and handbags, or to promote services targeted at the female consumer such  as health and beauty.

The SGNO was held on March 13th and 14th at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C.  Despite not buying anything (surprise, surprise) I actually had a good time browsing, people watching, and sipping the SGNO signature drink....which was complimentary!

Admission runs between $15-$30, depending if you’re able to get a deal on Groupon and comes with an awesome goodie bag.

The next SGNO will be held in New York City June 7-9th   at SIR Stage 37.  If you’re in the area, grab your girls and stop by!

For me information on upcoming events in the U.S. check out Shecky’s website at

Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping With Excitement: What I’m Excited For 2.0

It’s the day that only comes once every four years - February 29th, and what better day to share what has me leaping in excitement!

If you read “What I’m Excited For” from November 2011 then you know something good this way  comes!

Is anyone else excited for Spring?  I sure am and I’ve already started picking up a few pieces for the warmer weather, but I’ll do a separate post on my Spring 2012 picks.

A few weeks ago, by happenstance, I found out that plus size retailer Fashion To Figure opened a store in my area.

Welcome Fashion To Figure to the Mall at Prince Georges!

Although I do a lot of online shopping, nothing gives me a thrill like snatching an item off a rack or shelf and the sound of the cash register ringing up my purchases.  What can I say, I like instant gratification?  

If you’re not located near one of Fashion to Figure’s actual stores, you can always check them out online at

Ok, so it’s no secret that I LVoe to shop, more importantly, I LVoe finding NEW places to shop.  The other thing that has me on pins & needles is the opening Majesty’s Closet.  This online boutique will open it’s virtual doors on March 31, 2012.  

Majesty’s Closet is owned by T.V. personality Tionna Smalls and her sister.  The boutique is set to offer trendy plus size items in sizes 12-28 and I LVoe their store’s motto - “We dress better than our size 4 friends.”  Yup, we sure do. 

Be front and center with your fingers on your mouse clicker when the store opens at the end of March.  You can shop til you drop on their site

Happy Leap Day and Happy Shopping  ~The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Aside from being the dead of winter, February is synonymous with all things love & sexy.   The economy always see a slight jolt with the purchase of cards, flowers, balloons and candy around the 14th.  Lets face it, nothing says I love you more than a drugstore purchased box of Whitman’s chocolates.  Ain’t love grand?

The other item which increases in sales is lingerie.  That is in the mainstream retail market, of course.  Lingerie is one of the least purchased items in the plus size retail market.  Mainly because we have been shamed into believing that anyone whose size consist of two digits can’t be sexy.

Or so they think….

Spice it up in this black lace overlay chemise from Hips & Curves in sizes 1-3x for $39.95.  Purchase online at

Compliment a saucy bra & panty set with this pink ribbon corset from Lane Bryant in sizes 14/16, 18/20 & 26/28 for $69.50.  

These lingerie printed tanga panties are also from Lane Bryant and extra cheeky with their peek-a-boo and ribbon-tied slit.  Currently available in sizes 12 -24.  Purchase both the corset and tanga panties either online at or at your nearest Lane Bryant store for $18.00.

By way of Facebook, I learned about Beatrix Prive`.  A luxury plus size lingerie retailer from Phoenix, Arizona. Check out Beatrix Prive` at or on their Facebook page by the same name. 

Ain’t plus size sexy grand?

Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look Good While Moving

There is a huge misconception about fat people - we don’t work out.  Sure, there are some that don’t, but there are a lot of us that do.  We do aerobics, we weight train, and we can even bend our round bodies in position to do yoga.  Yup, just like fashion, working out isn’t just exclusive to skinny bitches!

A few months ago I was on my way to the gym when I was stopped by a woman who I saw at the gym a few nights before.  She kindly told me that she and her workout buddy were talking about me after I left. The nerve!  I just knew they were talking about my fat ass sweating like a hog at a barbecue while working out a few treadmills over.  Oh no, she told me that they were talking about how my workout clothes were color coordinated and how great my hair looked after my workout.  Well I’ll be darned!  I had no idea people checked out your gym clothes too.  I don’t put up much of an effort since the clothes are only going to get soaked with sweat.  I was flattered. I LVoe compliments!!

As days went pass, I started thinking.  You don’t have to be Raggedy Ann in the gym.  There are items out there that are comfortable, functional, and stylish that can be worn to workout.

Old Navy offers an active wear line of compression pieces that are stylish and functional.  Get tanks, jackets, t-shirts, sports bras, and pants for $24.94 - $39.94, ranging in sizes 1x -4x.  Check out all the great pieces they have to offer here:

Another place you can shop for active wear is at AdoraOm, which is a store completely dedicated to plus size active wear.  AdoraOm offers its line of active wear is sizes 12-24 in an array of styles and colors.  Item pricing ranges from $12.00 - $120.00.  Check out AdoraOm online at:

Now grab a cute outfit and get moving!

Happy Shopping! ~The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah! 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Junior Fatshionista

One thing we can all agree on is the progress of the plus size fashion industry over the past 20 years.  I remember when I hit puberty and the pounds started creeping on, (thus creating a trend).  Luckily, I wasn’t one of those kids who was bullied and picked on because there were kids far chunkier than I, but anyway, my biggest problem during those years was the lack of trendy clothes that was offered by the few plus size retailers at that time.  Back then, there was Lane Bryant and the Avenue, but their clothes were nowhere as fashionable as they are today, and also, there was 16 Plus. *sighs*  The only place where I could remotely find anything similar to what my peers were wearing was at Gallo, the $10.00 store, and even their clothes weren’t that trendy, but it was a far cry from the Jacque & Coko line at Lane Bryant.  What pissed me off with having to shop there was that I had to pass all the cute clothes offered only in straight sizes as I made my way to the back of the store where the plus sizes were kept.  So aside from having to shop like Rosa Parks in the back of the store, I had to sift through all the floral print shit to find something remotely wearable for a teenager.  Thank God with the progression of the plus size industry those days are long gone….or so I thought.
I have a niece who is following in my wide footsteps.  She’s currently at the age of puberty and her sedentary lifestyle is causing her to put on a few extra pounds.  As I’m sure my parents were with me at that age, I was a tad bit frustrated this past Christmas shopping season as I couldn’t find anything decent for her to wear.  The junior sizes were too small and the women sizes were too big.  *sigh* Somewhere in the recesses of my brain I knew there were places for me to shop for her, but since I never have to go to these places to shop for myself, they never entered my mind.  So after a few days and several failed shopping attempts, I took to the internet to find suitable items for her.  Below are the sites I found which offer the trendiest junior plus size fashions:

Loop 18 (subsidiary of Lane Bryant) which offer junior plus sizes in 13-27

Faith 21 (subsidiary of Forever 21) which offer junior plus sizes in X-LG – 3X

Deb which offer junior plus sizes in 14-24

I'm pretty sure there are other junior plus size retailers out there but these are the ones that in my opinion have that cutest clothes.  I really wish I had these places to shop at when I was in junior/senior high school.  You would not have been able to touch me with a red hot hammer!
Happy Shopping my Junior Fatshionistas

~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Shopaholic’s Favorite Things

In the tradition of Oprah, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite things, and since we are now in 2012, I figure this could be one last time to reminisce on 2011 by sharing my favorite things of 2011.


The Salt & Peppery Gourmet Popcorn from Starbucks

This is soooo tasty.  Although it is salt AND pepper, you actually taste more of the pepper, but don’t be alarmed, it’s not overpowering.  You can pick up this wonderful snack at your local Starbucks for the small price of $1.25.


Cajun Spiced Pistachios (green bag on the far left)

I came across these by happenstance at Walmart and has been hooked ever since.  Pistachios with a spicy kick.  This is yet another great snack.  You can pick this up at Walmart for $7.99 a bag. 


 Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I’m usually a MAC girl but having to become a bit of a Recessionista after my time of unemployment, I discovered this mousse foundation by Maybelline.  It’s light, creamy, and gives great coverage.  I usually purchase it at Walmart for around $7.50.


Flavia Single Cup Coffeemaker

Back in August, we got one of these in our office and it’s been a HIT!  This machine has saved me so much money at Starbucks (sans the popcorn).  This Flavia model can make up to 400 different coffee and tea combinations.  Although this model is for offices, Flavia offers a model for home for $124.00.  If you interested in the Flavia machine, you can check out their website


Juicy Couture Keychain/ring

I’ve eyed this keychain/ring for quite some time but was hesitant to get it because I figured it would weigh too heavily on my ignition, but who am I fooling, I couldn’t resist the sparkle.  It’s big and gaudy and gets so much attention.  It's one of my favorite accessories.  I got this keychain/ring from the Juicy Couture Outlet for $55.00.


Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black

Although this album is five years old, I never tire of hearing it.  The funny thing is, I started listening to it heavily this past March as it became the soundtrack of my then “relationship”.  Unfortunately, I grew even closer to it as it would later become the last studio album made by Amy Winehouse.  If you don’t have this album in your collection, GET IT.  You won’t be disappointed.


Jewelry By Tiffany

(See A New Drug For All Of You Accessory Addicts from July 2011)


Balconette Bras

These bras are the best for busty girls.  They give good coverage and GREAT separation and LIFT! I typically stick to the ones from the Avenue as I have discovered that they are the best for me and my “girls”.  They typically run between $29.50 -$34.50, depending on print, color, and fabric. 


International Shopping

I’ve always hated how plus size shopping is so limited to the same stores and what’s worst is having the same outfit as everyone else because of the limited shopping options.  That’s why I was so delighted to find plus size stores outside of the U.S. to purchase from.  I’ve highlighted Yours Clothing from the U.K. back in November with the post Because Marc Jacobs Said So and will be highlighting others in the near future.  Stay tuned…


If you know me KNOW me, then you should have an idea of what my number one favorite thing of 2011 is.  I have raved and recommended this product to everyone.  With the fear of coming across as an alcoholic, my favorite thing of 2011 is….

*drum roll*

Coconut Ciroc

It has been the staple of my evenings this past year and I am pretty sure I’ve purchased a Bentley for Diddy with how much money he has gotten out of me with purchases.  If you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s very tasty and my favorite brand of Vodka.  Sorry Grey Goose, you’re cooked!

Happy New Years Everyone!  May your 2012 be prosperous and joyful.

~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~Muah!