Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All White Everything!

I have a confession to make.  This post was supposed to be published around Memorial Day since it officially marked the unofficial beginning of summer 2012, but as you can tell from my lack of posts, I have neglected the blog.  I have been super busy and haven’t had the time.  Sorry fans, I promise to get it together.

With the summer months comes the bright colors and bold prints, but more importantly all things white.  I typically shy away from white clothing because I’m a messy eater and white is often a dirt magnet.

Now don’t  get me wrong, I’m not totally against the color white.  I mean, who doesn’t like a crisp white button-down?

Now take for instance this knitted sweater below from Old Navy :

I purchased this sweater back in March and have worn it at least four/five times since its purchase.  It’s cool, it’s stylish, and it’s white.  It’s one of my favorite spring/summer pieces this year.  Unfortunately, it has been sold out since April, but hopefully, you were lucky enough to snag one when I posted it on the Facebook page for the blog.  (Look to your right and click the “Like” button if you haven't done so already)

The following two pieces can be purchased from Fashion to Figure either in store or online at www.fashiontofigure.com.

This cotton  jumpsuit is sold in sizes 1x-3x for $36.00.  

Also, this one sleeve/off the shoulder mini dress is also available in size 1x-3x for $36.00.  

***Note that Fashion To Figure sizing is from 12-26***

Now that you have a suggestion for a few white pieces, watch the spillage, dirt, and grime while wearing them. 

Happy Shopping  & Happy Summer ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!