Monday, January 2, 2012

A Shopaholic’s Favorite Things

In the tradition of Oprah, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite things, and since we are now in 2012, I figure this could be one last time to reminisce on 2011 by sharing my favorite things of 2011.


The Salt & Peppery Gourmet Popcorn from Starbucks

This is soooo tasty.  Although it is salt AND pepper, you actually taste more of the pepper, but don’t be alarmed, it’s not overpowering.  You can pick up this wonderful snack at your local Starbucks for the small price of $1.25.


Cajun Spiced Pistachios (green bag on the far left)

I came across these by happenstance at Walmart and has been hooked ever since.  Pistachios with a spicy kick.  This is yet another great snack.  You can pick this up at Walmart for $7.99 a bag. 


 Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I’m usually a MAC girl but having to become a bit of a Recessionista after my time of unemployment, I discovered this mousse foundation by Maybelline.  It’s light, creamy, and gives great coverage.  I usually purchase it at Walmart for around $7.50.


Flavia Single Cup Coffeemaker

Back in August, we got one of these in our office and it’s been a HIT!  This machine has saved me so much money at Starbucks (sans the popcorn).  This Flavia model can make up to 400 different coffee and tea combinations.  Although this model is for offices, Flavia offers a model for home for $124.00.  If you interested in the Flavia machine, you can check out their website


Juicy Couture Keychain/ring

I’ve eyed this keychain/ring for quite some time but was hesitant to get it because I figured it would weigh too heavily on my ignition, but who am I fooling, I couldn’t resist the sparkle.  It’s big and gaudy and gets so much attention.  It's one of my favorite accessories.  I got this keychain/ring from the Juicy Couture Outlet for $55.00.


Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black

Although this album is five years old, I never tire of hearing it.  The funny thing is, I started listening to it heavily this past March as it became the soundtrack of my then “relationship”.  Unfortunately, I grew even closer to it as it would later become the last studio album made by Amy Winehouse.  If you don’t have this album in your collection, GET IT.  You won’t be disappointed.


Jewelry By Tiffany

(See A New Drug For All Of You Accessory Addicts from July 2011)


Balconette Bras

These bras are the best for busty girls.  They give good coverage and GREAT separation and LIFT! I typically stick to the ones from the Avenue as I have discovered that they are the best for me and my “girls”.  They typically run between $29.50 -$34.50, depending on print, color, and fabric. 


International Shopping

I’ve always hated how plus size shopping is so limited to the same stores and what’s worst is having the same outfit as everyone else because of the limited shopping options.  That’s why I was so delighted to find plus size stores outside of the U.S. to purchase from.  I’ve highlighted Yours Clothing from the U.K. back in November with the post Because Marc Jacobs Said So and will be highlighting others in the near future.  Stay tuned…


If you know me KNOW me, then you should have an idea of what my number one favorite thing of 2011 is.  I have raved and recommended this product to everyone.  With the fear of coming across as an alcoholic, my favorite thing of 2011 is….

*drum roll*

Coconut Ciroc

It has been the staple of my evenings this past year and I am pretty sure I’ve purchased a Bentley for Diddy with how much money he has gotten out of me with purchases.  If you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s very tasty and my favorite brand of Vodka.  Sorry Grey Goose, you’re cooked!

Happy New Years Everyone!  May your 2012 be prosperous and joyful.

~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~Muah!

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