Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lesson I Learned From Irene

Last week was a rather interesting one for the East Coast.  First, we were shaken up by a once in a lifetime earthquake (seriously, outside of spinning on her axis, Mother Earth needs to stay still), then the wind lashing and soaking we got from Hurricane Irene.  …..Yes, you read that right, an earthquake and a hurricane all in one week.  Trust me when I say there are still traumatized people up and down the eastern seaboard.  Is God trying to tell us something? Is Mother Earth rebelling from the mistreatment inflicted upon her by her inhabitants? #thingsthatmakeyougohmm  Ok, before you think I’m getting all philosophical and alluding to another 2012 doomsday prophecy, I’m not. This is just a good segue into this week blog posting.

A week ago, I knew I needed to be prepared for this storm named Irene that was coming to town.  That means I needed to make preparations for going into survival mode in the event that man-made luxuries were not available…like…you know...electricity. 

The morning Irene was due to arrive I knew I needed a few supplies like nonperishable food items, batteries, etc.  The rain had already started falling, so there was no point in getting too dressed up, so I threw on a t-shirt, some sweatpants, and my trusty Timberland flip-flops.  Once ready, I grabbed my umbrella and set out on my mission of Emergency Preparedness.  After getting all the items I needed, I returned home completely soaked to the bone.  What possessed me go out in all that wind and rain in just a t-shirt, sweats, and flip-flops? Crazy perhaps? No, just a lack of appropriate outerwear for rainy weather, and maybe a dash of bad judgment.  As soon as my power was restored, I took to the internet to find some rainy weather appropriate pieces.

This A-shaped jacket comes to us from plus size Danish clothier Carmakoma.  Isn’t this jacket a BEAST? What puts this jacket in a league of its own is its A-frame shaping, draped front, and its oversized trendy buttons.  What I especially LVoe about this jacket is that its look changes depending on how high it’s buttoned.  The wearer can only button a few buttons for a wide collared look or button it all the way for a high turtleneck look.  The additional plus about this jacket is that it's sold NOWHERE in the U.S., so you surely won’t see anyone else rocking it.  This jacket retails for 1490dkr which roughly converts to $248.15 and comes in U.S. sizes 12-22.  To purchase visit

If overseas shopping isn’t your thing, or lets be real, if spending $250 on a jacket isn’t your thing, I have something else for you. 

This hip-length, lightweight trench may be more up your alley.  Offered by Ashley Stewart, this belted, double breasted jacket comes in Most Toast and Tuscany Orange and sizes ranging from 10/12 – 30/32.  What’s even great is that it’s currently on sale for $39.60 at your local Ashley Stewart or online at

Another lesson I learned from Irene is that you do not wear flip flops in the rain; especially rainfall due to a hurricane.  Below is a pair of croc embossed wide calf rain boots from The Avenue.  These boots come in sizes 7-13W and colors grey, black, and magenta.  Purchase directly from your local Avenue or online at for $49.90.

Above is a pair of wide calf boots from Naturalizer that double as rain and snow boots.   Ranging in sizes 5M-11M (various sizes are offered in W); you can buy them at your local Naturalizer or online at for $71.10.

So the next time a hurricane or tropical storm blows through the DMV, I will be ready.  Now how’s that for Emergency Preparedness!

Happy Shopping ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

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