Friday, September 30, 2011

Animal Instinct

In the plus size book of fashion do’s & don’ts you are sure to find a much longer list under don’ts.  Don’t wear horizontal stripes, don’t wear large prints, don’t wear skimpy clothes, don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small, don’t wear clothes that attract attention to your “flawed” areas, don’t wear bathing suits, don’t wear bright colors, don’t wear leggings….it’s a wonder we eat so much, we are stressed over clothing decisions! 

Although, one clothing rule “don’t” has gone unwritten, until recently, most plus size women have shied away from it because it could lead to a big girl being the butt of a joke - ANIMAL PRINTS. 

Be it zebra, leopard, cow, snake, or cheetah, a big girl better not be caught dead in it.  The Fashion Risk Taker would surely be made fun of for looking like a big ass [insert animal name here] if she dared wear an animal print, and don’t think about wearing an animal printed undergarment because dare a big girl *gasp* try to be sexy.  For this reason, I’ve always stayed far away from any prints that resembled an animal skin.

That is until recently….

On a rainy Saturday in early September, I was out buying things to get me through the hurricane/tropical storm that was approaching the DMV, (see The Lesson I Learned from Irene posted in September 2011) when I wandered to the clothing section at Target to look for a white t-shirt.  The few shirts they had didn’t tickle my fancy as I was seeking a v-neck, when I saw this:

A sheer, ruffled, leopard print blouse by Pure Energy. 

I like it because I can wear it alone during warmer months and under a jacket when the temps get cooler.  It comes in sizes 14/16-26/28 and can be purchased from your nearest Target location or online at for a reasonable price of $22.99.

With the arrival of the Fall/Winter Fashion season, animal prints are at the forefront.  Although, I find dresses, coats, and jumpsuits to be a bit much for animal prints, here are a few picks to rock animal prints without going overboard:

This skinny leopard print belt from Old Navy can be worn with a dress or cardigan for a pop of color and it’s a great buy for only $19.94 and available in sizes 1x-3x.

Also, from Old Navy are these super cute two-toned ballet flats that will also bring out any outfit.  Old Navy gives their customers the option of scoring them in either the brown leopard or the black/white zebra print.  Available in sizes 6-11, they surely won’t break the bank as they only costs $22.00.

This lace-trimmed cheetah print cami can be work under a v-neck or blazer to take any outfit from work to happy hour.  It’s available at The Avenue or through their website in sizes 14/16-30/32 for only $24.90.

And lastly, jazz up any coat, suit, and even a casual outfit with this fringed animal print pashmina scarf from Lane Bryant ( that also comes in blue/black, pink/black, and grey/grey for $26.95.

So with that I say, a big girl can (DO) animal prints. In an understated way, any of these statement pieces will surely bring out any outfit and allow one to be trendy and fashionable without the fear of being the butt of a joke.  So grab any one of these pieces and let your animal instinct shine.

Happy Shopping ~The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

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  1. I'm all about animal print accents this season.

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