Friday, November 11, 2011

Because, Marc Jacobs Said So

This past spring, when Marc Jacobs debuted his F/W 2011-12 Women’s Wear line, you could see his muse was the Armed Forces.  The models strutted down the runway in military-inspired jackets and coats, showcasing what may be one of fall’s hottest trends.  At first, I wasn’t sold on the military look because I thought it was too masculine, but the more lines I saw with military-inspired pieces, I warmed up to the trend.  I was soon on the hunt for something military-esque so that I could hop on the bandwagon.

With looking for something military-styled, I officially crossed the pond to shop!  I came across a military jacket at Yours Clothing in the U.K.

This jacket screams I’m solider! It reminds me of the Marines dressier uniform jacket.  I had to have it…. and I got it this past spring.  Whenever I slip I on, I feel so “girls, who run this mutha! This is such a great piece to wear with jeans and boots.  This jacket comes in sizes 14-32 and retails for $71.10.  Order directly from Yours Clothing at or if you’re in the U. K. (shout-out to my UK readers, I see you on my audience map, thank you!) Stop in at your nearest Yours Clothing boutique at its many location around the Kingdom. 

Also, from Yours (and on my wishlist) is this wool Military Coat also for $71.10 which comes in black, grey, and olive green.  Sizes vary depending on color, but it comes in 14-24. 

You don't have to join the Armed Forces to look the part. All you have to do is find the right pieces.  You don't have to take my word for it, Marc Jacobs already said so.

Before I close out this posting, I thought earlier today the irony of this week’s blog post subject and the day I had time to complete it for publishing and how it coincides with the Veteran’s Day holiday.  In a few weeks, the first of many U.S. troops will start withdrawing from Iraq and return home.  Unfortunately, all who were called to duty won’t return.  I salute you and appreciate you and your efforts.  As the daughter of a Marine, I truly say, Happy Veteran’s Day!

Semper Fi ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic ~ Muah!

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