Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Need A Vacation AND This Swimsuit!

Anyone who KNOWS me knows the emotionally draining and stressful past few weeks I have had. A Sista is being TESTED!  I am counting the days until I can take a much needed vacation.  Unfortunately, it will not happen anytime soon, but I have already planned my next vacation spot – the Dutch Antilles’ islands of Curacao and Aruba.  I can see it now, sunshine, twisted trees, blue water, white sand, a good book, and a stunning swimsuit!

All spring/summer I have had my eyes on this metallic bronze one shoulder bathing suit from Old Navy. Isn’t it a beauty?  I can’t testify to its quality or how it looks in real life, but it’s on my “must have” list.  Currently it’s on sale for $34.99, exclusively on and unfortunately it is almost sold out as the only stock left is in a 4x. Clearly, I’m not the only plus size fatshonista who wanted this suit, but I will get it as there is already a spot for it in my suitcase.

Now, before you clutch your pearls and wonder how dare she parade around a beach in that, keep in mind that although I am a member of the “I Am Fat Woman Hear Me Roar” club, I will under no circumstances wear this suit alone.  There are still some things that need to be kept under wraps…..even on the beach. 

Recently, while net surfing, I came across a rather fashion forward, silk/chiffon belted chiton, designed by up and coming Australian plus size designer Gisela Ramirez.

Made from 100% silk, this chiton comes in black, indigo, blood, and rose.  Although the indigo is stunning, I NEED this in black! Currently retailing for $250(AUD) and comes in sizes ranging from S-XL (Plus Sizes 14-28.) You can purchase this chiton straight from the designer on

Happy Shopping – The Plus Size Shopaholic, Muah!

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  1. Hey sister, I'm feeling this swimsuit, but the problem is I need it in a size large.....