Sunday, August 14, 2011

Introducing A New Drug For All You Accessory Addicts

There’s a new drug in town….

It’s hot…. 

It’s in high demand….

It’s dangerous to the wallets….

No two hits are the same. (your product is one of a kind)….

You’ll crave more and more after your first buy….

What is this drug I’m referring too?

Let’s meet the product and its supplier….

I’m talking about the unique and creative jewelry by Tiffany Brooks.  Her pieces are amazing!

I first discovered her jewelry through a makeup party I attended a few months ago.  So many interesting pieces were on display, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Feathered earrings, rhinestone cobra rings, colorful bangles, even bedazzled bags (read All That Glitters for details on that obsession) it was so much to choose from, and all at great prices! Oh joy!!

With so much to choose from, I settled on these two pieces which really caught my eye. I had to have them!

The bracelet is almost reminiscent of the 1980s toy the Slinky (you know, the marvelous toy) due to it’s coiled formation, which makes it convenient for the “thick wristed” as it wraps around the wrist giving off an almost thin, stackable, bangle appearance.  The ring is made of a thin, wiry material wrapped in a flower type design which gives it a blooming appearance. Both pieces are decorated with colorful buttons, dice, marbles, and beads in varies shapes and sizes.  Both of these items were a great buy at only $20.00 a piece.

Recently, I picked up these red and black feathered earrings. A very simple design, made from beads and feathers, these earrings dangle a little pass the shoulders.  Despite the funky feathers, the design is simple enough to wear in a corporate environment on casual Fridays (but I may push the envelope and wear them on a Tuesday) and funky enough to wear with a great outfit in a happy hour/lounge setting.  These were also another $20.00 buy.

Lastly, I picked up another bracelet, made of black and white buttons of various sizes with a few red and black beads mixed in for that POP of color.  This bracelet only set me back $25.00. 

If you’re a fellow Accessory Addict like Yours Truly, you NEED to add Jewelry By Tiffany to your collection. Her pieces are trendy, eye-catching, and unique.  Best of all, not everyone will be rocking your pieces as no two designs are exactly alike. 

To make a purchase check out or contact Tiffany Brooks on

Happy Shopping ~ The Plus Size Shopaholic~ Muah!

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